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ZOZO INC is a alcohol distribution company focusing on delivering beverages to the clients location within a duration period. The company is looking to be the first in this niche market and is to apply all sorts of marketing strategies to reach its target audience. It is then to eventually move into application based customer service and distribution services. Our service goals are to:

  • Be available and easily accessible at all times.
  • To promote sustainability and reduce harm to the environment.
  • Encourage others not to be tempted to break laws under the influence of alcohol.
  • To provide our services on time.
The opportunity resides in the delivery service which is a market not touched in the beverages industry. On the economical aspect we aim to help the client reduce expenses and time by ordering with us.

The first in Zambia with Bar level prices for delivered alcohol.

Our Mission – To be the first mobile retail liquor distributor in Zambia.

Vision – ​Our Vision is to have branches of ZOZO all over Zambian metropolitan cities in order to have our service available to all our clients.

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